Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sad Story

After 28 years of community people caring and tending for the Maalaea Community Garden. – A&B - Alexander & Baldwin is giving the garden to a group whose only goal is to find a place to party.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

More on the Maalaea Community Garden

Yesterday, May 19th , a meeting was held in the Maalaea Garden with Pastor Aga, 4 members of the Vet Assoc., and Jason from A & B. The following was reported to be what transpired as a result of this meeting:

  • The Vet's are the "boss" and have final say in all decisions
  • all garden plots at the rear of the garden are to be removed
  • other structures in this area are to be removed as well
  • the Pastor is to remove his "church" sign from the entrance of the garden. (This is a brand new sign that was recently installed)
  • the Pastor is to remove the cross and other religious items from his "church" area
  • the "Maalaea Community Garden" sign will be removed
  • the Vets will be using the church halle for whatever functions they choose
  • we are welcome to stay and tend to the front part of the garden - watering, raking, pruning of trees. In other words, keeping the front in a state of beauty etc. Frankly, given their actions , we are not prepared to do this. This requires time and money and frankly we are not their hired gardeners . The Pastor who has done so much to beautify the area and keep order and quiet, is himself planning to leave, under these conditions - who can blame him.

I guess the letters and protests from the community has fallen on "deaf" ears. The fact that Jason ( whose job includes looking after some of these leased properties) is a very close friend to one of the Vets, does not lend itself to an impartial  and fair meeting. Mr. Grant Chun , Jason's boss, has left this resolution in Jason's hands, so I guess this leaves us all, the community, at a dead end. As a side note, let me remind everyone, that the Vets did express that they plan to have functions in the "church" area till , as late as 10PM. There were no promises that alcohol and smoking would not occur in this area. Heaven help us - between the extra cars, motorcycles, and "parties" that are likely to occur the peacefulness of this area will be a thing of the past.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Next MCA Meeting:

May 28, 9:00 am at Haycraft Park and Ma'alaea Community Garden. Come tour the area and give your input on park/garden issues!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maalaea Garden Updates

Yesterday (March 15th) when visiting the Maalaea Community Garden, Pastor Aga asked to speak with me. It appears that the Vet organization that now holds the lease to the area is asking him to do the following:

  • remove all the vegetable garden areas at the rear of the garden
  • remove the newly created butterfly farm
  • the chicken coop
  • the banana trees
  • assorted areas that he uses as his work area
  • remove 2 small hales that the Pastor erected for Church weddings

They want this area for themselves to create their “Hawaiian Village”.

Our understanding was that when they were granted the lease, was that they would work side by side with the Pastor in what was deemed the “Pastor’s domain” and in time, if they proved themselves “worthy” they would be granted the permission to develop the area beyond the fenced in area to develop the Hawaiian plan. In all this time, they have NEVER helped in the garden in any way what so ever. They recently parked a large van, somewhat blocking the inner gate, on the road leading to the mudflats. This van they say was placed there for storage.

The Pastor and several community members have worked very hard for the last several years to beautify this whole area. Much time, love, and money has been put into the garden to restore it to its former beauty. The Pastor has also helped the community in asking campers to respect the nearby owners by trying to keep the noise down and trying to limit the garbage left behind. To possibly see all of this destroyed is heartbreaking, let alone the potential for loud parties, drinking and smoking in the garden, would be the utmost disrespect for all the Pastor has accomplished as well as to his Church. I do not see this turn of events as being beneficial for our community.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The mud flows

I have lived in Maalaea for 20 years.  I have endured the 3 am groups at Haycraft Park.  But the last few week’s mud flows have been something else.  When I drive by Spencer’s project and see all of the grading he has done before the project has been approved – I wonder if his new ponds are he cause of our mud.   It has never been this bad.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ohana Kai Update – PLEASE READ

NEWSFLASH! MCA has partnered with Maui Tomorrow to initiate legal action and file a
complaint challenging the adequacy of the FEIS (Final Environmental Impact Statement) for
the 1100 unit Ohana Kai affordable housing project. This huge project would be located on
257 acres at the foot of the West Maui mountains across the highway from Ma’alaea. The
complaint details a long list of issues associated with the project that are inadequately
addressed in the FEIS, e.g. excessive traffic resulting in more gridlock, lack of long term
sustainable water supply for the project, drainage impacts, loss of prime agricultural farm
lands, etc. (Please see MCA’s website (www.mcamaui.org) for a full discussion of the
issues and MCA’s position.)
The attorney representing MCA and Maui Tomorrow is Isaac D. Hall. Legal expenses will
be shared equally between both organizations. MCA Planning Committee members Pam
Daoust, Rob Riebling and Tom Royer have spent hours reviewing the draft and final EIS,
and submitted ample documentation showing that both are inadequate to meet
requirements of the Kihei-Makena Community Plan and Hawaii environmental laws.
Background: Much of MCA Board of Directors’ time in 2010 was spent staying current on
this project. Complaints were filed regarding activity on the site: quarrying & stockpiling of
construction materials (rather than permissible “grubbing”). A County inspector determined
the action was in violation and a cease & desist order was issued; Mr. Spencer received
minor fines. Most recently, construction has begun on retention basins intended to serve the
new project. Some believe that the resulting mounds of loose soil are responsible for
damages that occurred before Christmas when heavy rain runoff and mud flooded Hauoli
St. condominium parking lots and first floor units at Island Sands.
This past fall, the MCA Board authorized up to a $1000 marketing fund for development of
tools to support opposition to the Ohana Kai Project. This was matched by a generous
donor who has since made yet a second generous donation.
Ohana Kai developer Jesse Spencer has conducted a strong community relations campaign
promoting the project’s affordable housing aspects along with “jobs, jobs, jobs,” and ignoring
or glossing over issues of concern not only to MCA, but to many in the Maui community.
This misinformation reinforces the need to continue to write letters to set the record straight.
Getting the facts out is very important as Spencer’s “spin” ignores many important issues.
The Maui Island Plan has completed three of the four steps necessary for adoption, passing
the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), Planning Commission and Planning
Department. It is currently before the new Maui County Council, having failed to meet the
deadline for adoption prior to December, 2010. A critical piece of the Maui Island Plan (MIP)
is the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB), which will dictate Maui’s island-wide development for
the next 20 years.The Ohana Kai project is not included in the MIP proposed Urban Growth Boundary (UGB),
which means that all three review processes voted to keep the 267 acres in agriculture for
It is not known whether the Spencer project will reach the Council before the Maui Island
Plan is adopted. There is concern regarding the state fast-track process allowing the
development to slip through prior to the completion of the Maui Island Plan. The Maui
County Council still has the potential to change the urban growth boundaries designated in
the master plan so as to include the project.
The final EIS was released and accepted by The Environmental Land Use office and the
Department of Housing & Human Concerns on October 23
This triggered a 60 day period .
for any judicial challenge to the adequacy of the final EIS, which ended on December 21
MCA and Maui Tomorrow's complaint was filed prior to this date.
The project is expected to go to Council shortly in this new year. Once Council receives it,
they will have 45 days to review and approve or disapprove the project.
The lawsuit in partnership with Maui Tomorrow Foundation will be costly. Funds are needed
to cover MCA’s share of expenses, which could include additional actions/costs besides
If, despite legal action already initiated, the project makes it to County Council we will need
individuals willing to a) write letters and b) testify on the separate concerns, as 3 minutes
doesn’t allow presenting the big picture; each person would take 1 of the 20+ concerns.
Council must be made aware of our many objections so that they don’t just approve the
project based solely upon the need for jobs and affordable housing. We are not against
affordable housing. There are already 40,000 units included in the Maui Island Plan’s 20-
year horizon, more than sufficient to meet Maui’s future housing needs for both affordable
and market priced housing.
Please contact President Gary Smith or any of the committee members for further
information. Mahalo!
Join us at our upcoming Annual Meeting at the Maui Tropical Plantation at 6 PM on
Tuesday, January 25 to hear the latest news about our legal action.
Join Us! Become a 2011 Member
No longer just a debating society, but a force to be reckoned with for the betterment
of Ma‘alaea

Thursday, May 13, 2010


DLNR TO HOLD PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING ON PLANS FOR IMPROVEMENTS AT MA‘ALAEA SMALL BOAT HARBOR KAHULUI - The Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), Engineering Division will hold a public information meeting on Wednesday, May 19,2010, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. to discuss a planned improvement project at Ma‘alaea Small Boat harbor.

The meeting will take place at the ground floor of the "Sea Flight" building, Ma‘alaea Small Boat Harbor, 101 Ma‘alaea Boat Harbor Road. DLNR Engineering and Boating and Ocean Recreation divisions staff and the project consultant will brief meeting attendees on the planned project and
answer questions.  The project will include the construction of a new ferry terminal building at the end of the South Mole, a new comfort station, new waste water treatment system, sewer pump-outs, concrete paved parking areas and access roads, concrete piers, electrical, water and sewer utilities. "Our small boat harbors offer a vital connection to recreational and commercial ocean activities.  It is important that they be kept in good working condition.  By repairing the heavily used Ma‘alaea Small Boat Harbor, the boaters, community and visitors will have a safer, cleaner and more hospitable facility, and enjoy greater access to the ocean that surrounds our islands," said Laura H. Thielen, DLNR chairperson.

This project, which will be funded through federal grants administered by the Federal Transit Administration and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, and state funds, will re-build a major portion of the small boat harbor, replace badly deteriorated facilities, and correct public health and safety concerns.  It will also provide the boaters with easily accessible sewer pump-out systems to dispose of their sewage instead of disposal by other means. DLNR's Engineering Division will advertise this project for bids this month and open the bids in June 2010. For more information call DOBOR at 587-0122.